A young heifer enjoying a little down time at a fair.

A young heifer enjoying a little down time at a fair.

4-H Newsletter

This page contains the weekly 4-H Newsletter for the CCE-Clinton County 4-H program. These newsletters highlight the past week's events, as well as upcoming events and programs. The newsletter published each Friday is intended to keep the members, parents and leaders informed so members can be active year round. Certain newsletters also contain scholarship information for students who intend on continuing their education.

November: 9 November 201816 November 201821 November 201830 November 2018  

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June 2018:

June 1 2018  June 8 15 June 18 ,  22 June 18

May 2018:

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April 2018:

6_April_2018.pdf13_April_2018.pdf , 20_April_2018.pdf27_April_2018.pdf

March 2018:

9_March_2018_4H_NEWSLETTER.pdf , 16_March_2018_4H_NEWSLETTER.pdf23_March_18.pdf30_March_18.pdf

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