Strategic Marketing Conference

  • Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 9:00 AM - Thursday, November 8@ 4:30 PM

The Strategic Marketing Conference (Click for more info and to register!) is a conference for farmers of all size operations and commodities. These topics will be among those covered:

Developing a Brand for a Competitive Market Part 1 and 2

Developing a Brand for a Competitive Market is to help new and established farmers develop or improved on an already established brand to compete in an always changing market. The session will is led by Sandra Krasovec from the Fashion Institute of Technology, has over 25 years of branding and packaging experience.


Exporting session will be looking at the varies government assistance programs available to help farmers export product outside of the United States. The session includes experience with participating in international trade shows and exporting overseas.

Marketing and Finding Additional Markets

This session will be focused on finding additional markets outside of a farmers current market. During the session we will hear from Baldor which is a large distribution company out of New York City which works with small to large farms for product. Baldor will explain about becoming a venue, expectations, and certifications.

Linda LaViolette from New York City Agriculture and Markets will be speaking about her current and previous experience of working in the food retail and catering industry for 25 years. Ms. LaViolette will be including information regarding preparation, presentation, and follow up in a competitive market.

Yolanda Gonzalez from CCE Harvest NY will be reporting on the agriculture in NYC. This is key in order to gain an understanding of the current state of agriculture and how the rest of NY can fit into NYC supply chain.

Legality Issues to Consider

Dana Stanton a lawyer at Nixon Peabody will be presenting on the Legality Issues to Consider will be focused on the legal issues to consider to joint marketing. This session will include information with collaborative marketing and transportation of product.

Multi-Channel Selling Strategies

Multi-Channel Selling Strategies focuses on finding additional markets to sell and finding the right balance for your farm. Wegmans and Price Chopper will be speaking about their operations and how they work with farmers.

Technology Adaption with your Brand

The Farm On Foundation will be speaking about adapting technology to fit your brand. This session includes information about how Google can help farmers to help market their operation.

Collaborative Approaches to Marketing

During the Collaborative Approaches to Marketing session farmers will hear from Vermont Food Network and Black River Produce/Reinhart. Vermont Food Network and Black River Produce/Reinhart will be speaking about their collaborative approaches of working together to expand and market their operations.


Lindsey Pashow
Ag Business Development & Marketing Specialist, Harvest NY, CCE-Franklin
(518) 569-3073 cel