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Cow Comfort Workshop: Tie Stalls

  • Monday, December 9, 2019, 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM

The Cow Comfort Workshop is an educational program for farmers, employees, and agriservice professionals who work directly with dairy cows. The workshop will cover economics of improving cow comfort, stall design and management, stocking density, heat abatement, and effects of cow comfort on production.

The focus will be on tiestall cow comfort and the session will include an on farm portion where attendees walk through a facility assessment.

Featured Speaker

Dan McFarland, Penn State

Dan McFarland is known for his research surrounding heat stress abatement techniques and stall, barn and ventilation design.


The course is only $10 pre-registration or $15 the day of the program. This low program fee is only possible because of the generous support of the NY Farm Viability Institute.

Registration or Questions:

Tatum Langworthy


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$10 Pre-registration $15 day of


Tatum Langworthy
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