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NCRAT Weekly Update 9-17-20

Upcoming Programs: 

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  • Getting calls and doing field visits regarding end of season weed control options i.e. preplant burndown before winter grains, fallow ground and hayfield weed control.
  • Final week of soybean pest trap monitoring project.
  • Still collecting and summarizing data from field trials
  • Preparing for upcoming winter meeting topics and presentations
  • NYS Forage Exchange website has a few ads on it to help connect folks needing forages with those with extra to sell. Forage inventories are expected to be tight for many in the North Country this winter. Please share this information widely - http://nysforageexchange.com/.
  • Lots of questions this week about fall forage harvest timing and fall management.


  • Finalizing details for winter dairy programming
  • Working on multiple research projects and DAP calf discussion group
  • Working on NNYADP project proposal for next year
  • Working on a few podcast and webinar series with Statewide Dairy Group
  • Working with farmers on calf barn ventilation issues
  • Helping local counties with virtual Family Farm Day/Day at the Farm
  • Preparing to start the Digital Dairy Prospects Program next week. There are 7 students enrolled and we are already hearing positive things from parents (they are glad we are offering something for the students to do since most other extracurricular activities have been cancelled).

Farm Business Management:

  • REMINDER: NY Farm Bureau (I confirmed this with the President) is offering ALL OF ITS COVID-19 related information to ALL FARMERS on their website. They want everyone to be aware and involved. Feel free to direct farmers there - they can all access it here is the link:https://www.nyfb.org/news/covid-19-news

Labor/Risk Mgmt. Topics:

  • Business Mgmt. and Funding:

    Stress Management: