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ENYCHP Podcast


This will be the final Eastern New York Weekly Vegetable News podcast of 2020.

This week's podcast can be found at: https://soundcloud.com/easternnewyorkvegnews/2020-biweekly-vegetable-news-podcast-episode-12-93020

The September 30th, 2020 edition of the Eastern New York Vegetable News covers the following topics:

Farmers Benefits from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 or CFAP (1:10)

Reflections on the Challenges and Successes Faced by Vegetable Growers in 2020 (4:40)

*A transcript of this week's podcast will be posted on the ENYCHP website soon. There will be an option to 'Read Transcript' here: https://enych.cce.cornell.edu/podcasts.php

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