4-H Forms & Event Tools


4-H Dues are: $12 per youth per year or, for families of 3 or more youth, $35/year when turned in by October 1st. Dues will increase to $15 per youth, not to exceed $40 per family if received after the 10/1 enrollment deadline.

No Youth will be denied membership because of financial need; scholarships are available.

Project-Animal-Certification.pdf Here are a variety of forms and tools that are used throughout the year for participation in the 4-H program. Most of these are relevant only for the club program; some are useful in a variety of 4-H settings.

  1. Member Enrollment
  2. Volunteer Enrollment
  3. New Club Organization
  4. Project Planning
  5. Public Presentations
  6. Produced in New York
  7. Club Meetings and Maintenance
  8. Club Fundraisers
  9. Club Reporting
  10. Portfolios and Record Outlines
  11. Community Service
  12. Fair
  13. Animal Projects
  14. Club Year End Forms
  15. Awards


Chelsea Denny
PACE / Senior Fitness / Youth Development Resource Educator
(518) 561-7450

Last updated April 13, 2023