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"Firewood Stacked Up to Dry Showing Annual Rings"
Image by Horia Varlan

Learn about buying, storing and safely burning firewood.

Wind Turbine
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Considering alternative Energy resources.


Clinton County Cornell Cooperative Extension provides Energy Efficiency information and resources online only. Please visit the pages and links in this section for useful content authored by our colleagues at other Cornell Cooperative Extension associations in New York State.

"Wood Stove" by Tyler Karaszewski

Woodstove Maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure that your wood heating appliances will function safely and efficiently. Learn how to keep your stove in top shape here.

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"Firewood Stacked Up to Dry Showing Annual Rings"

Heating with Wood

When comparing heating fuels, wood has a lot of advantages. Learn about choosing, storing and safely burning firewood on our "Heating with Wood" pages.

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CFL lightbulb surrounded by incandescent bulbs (NOTE: this is used by CCE-Tompkins as the image for $ave Energy, Save Dollars workshops)

Energy Saving Tips

Whether it is winter or summer, there are ways to save energy around your home! Visit our pages for seasonal tips, plus more on saving energy with lighting and water use.

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Wood Pile by Eric Banford

Storing Firewood

Unlike most fuels, firewood can be stored indefinitely, safely and without degrading. Learn correct storage techniques here.

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