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Tree Fruit E-Alert

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Apply for USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program by December 11th

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Farm Bureau Weekly Digest: Picture of a cow and Farm Bureau Logo
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Fireside Chat North Country Agriculture Team

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Strawberry Growers We Need Your Help

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Tree Fruit News October 2020
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Soy Bean Plants Suffering in a Drought
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Cornell Cooperative Extension Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program
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Pesticide Use Guidance During COVID-19
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Agriculture represents one of the largest economic sectors in Clinton County with a combined output value exceeding $148,999,000 (2012). Farms create direct economic benefits, provide our residents with fresh local foods, support other local businesses across many sectors, and preserve the rural character that our residents and visitors value so highly. CCE-Clinton supports local agriculture by providing resources for farmers, and consumers, to help strengthen our local and regional food systems.

ABC's of Co-Packing, Labeling & Packaging for Value-Added Producers Registration Link


Neonice Report Briefing: Video

Digital Dairy Prospects

High school students interested in the dairy industry are strongly encouraged to join the Digital Dairy Prospects Virtual Discussion Group. The group will meet for 9 weeks from Sept 22- Nov 1, 2020, and will cover a range of topics.

Clinton County Youth with be grouped with St. Lawrence/Franklin County.

If interested, please sign-up at the link below:…/1C3pqXAvMOJh8PM1CBxlJ4ybNYEDiGtN…

Digital Dairy Prospects Flyer

Thank you!

Cornell Cooperative Extension staff across New York state have witnessed first-hand how hard our farmers have been working throughout the pandemic to help keep our food system safe and secure. We wanted to come together (digitally) to show our appreciation for all they do on our behalf. Thank you, farmers! You are essential, vital, and so deeply appreciated

Last updated February 24, 2021