A turf grass lawn



Lawn Care is a 47-page booklet pdf by Lori J. Brewer available on the Cornell Turf Grass website that includes chapters on steps to success, advanced care, starting a new lawn, and lawn care.

Cornell Turfgrass Program includes extensive information on lawns, sports turf, golf turf, pests and the environment. See:

Lawn Care Without Pesticides by Frank Rossi, Cornell turf grass specialist, is a 20-page publication that covers how to use IPM methods to grow and maintain a lawn without pesticides (2005).

The NYS Integrated Pest Management offers a how to guide for lawn care without harmful pesticides. provides online lawn and garden publications for each state.

Have a Beautiful Yard without the Chemicals - This NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation page offers tips and resources for having a chemical free yard.

Legal Issues Concerning Lawn Fertilizer (1/2012) This NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation page explains new regulations regarding phosphorus-containing fertilizer and runoff. The new law will improve water quality in drinking water supplies, as well as improving recreation and tourism in waterbodies negatively affected by excessive amounts of phosphorus.


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