Eating Healthy

Fiber is Amazing!

Fiber in foods is amazing! It does great things for our body and it and it is found in so many foods! Learn how to make a high-fiber game and see who you know that eats a lot of fiber!

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Snacking on Fruits and Vegetable

It can be tough to get enough fruits and vegetables in our meals, and that is where snacks can help! This video will provide fun ways to combine fruits and vegetables with other parts of MyPlate! Let the snacking begin!!

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Low Salt Snacking

Learning how to choose a low-salt snack can liven up your taste buds and keep you in good health. It can, also, be easier on your wallet! Watch this video and learn more about low-salt snacking!

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Go, Slow & Whoa Foods

Have you ever wanted to be a Superhero? Learning about Go, Slow, and Whoa Foods will help youth to become their own Superhero as they learn about healthy food choices while playing games and doing activities that will encourage memory and critical thinking. The “GO, SLOW, and WHOA Foods” video will help improve their food choices. Checkout our printable handouts and video below to learn more about eating healthy!

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Shannon Sorli
SNAP-Ed Nutritionist
(518) 561-7450

Last updated July 24, 2020