cut out letters spelling "donate" on a cork bulletin board, built from scratch by Sandy Repp

We appreciate your support!


Dear Extension Friend,

Thanks to past donations and sponsors we have been able to provide our newsletters at no charge to you. We also do not charge for consultations and diagnoses of plants, pests, and problems. We do this in an effort to reach as many people as possible.

But we need your support. Please consider how we have helped you this past year, and then consider a donation. Your support sends a strong message to our funders during these tough financial times that you value us as a resource.

County, state and federal funding make up only 55%of our total operating funds,
the rest we must raise through grants, program fees and donations.

Checks should be made out to CCE Clinton and all donations should be mailed to:

CCE Clinton

6064 State Route 22, Suite 5

Plattsburgh NY 12901

Thank you for your support!

Last updated March 30, 2022