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Online Youth Programming

Due to event cancellations & school closures as a result of COVID-19, CCE Clinton is working on providing online programming for youth. This page will be updated frequently and will house science activities, 4-H programming as well as videos and activities from nationally accredited educational/historical organizations. Material will be listed by program area. Note the date added next to each. 


Due to the amount of information and the ongoing nature of online programming, an archive page has been set-up to house older materials. You may find resources from March and April at the following link:

Note: Interest areas will little page share were left the same so you may notice some March/April resources on the current page as well. 


Are your kids tired of being cooped up inside? Check out this resource sent in from our viewers for fun & exciting online virtual field trips and visit places like Mount Everest, The Egyptian Pyramids and the Sistine Chapel all from the comfort of your own home!

Upcoming Events/Programs:

 Road Trip from Home: Virtual Field Trips

Tabletop Lessons: 

Due to the amount of videos, a 4-H Table Top Lesson archive has been set up. Moving older videos off the page makes it load faster, and warrants a better user experience. Thank you for understanding. 

Table Top Video Archive:

June 19th: Clouds in a Jar 

May 27th: 

Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Essex County has assembled a collection of Farm to School materials including virtual farm tours/live streams, worksheets, and hands-on learning activities that can help you teach your child these important lessons all while still at home.

Mask Community Service Project 

Calling all leaders, youth, parents & volunteers! We are trying to organize a social distance community service project that can really make a difference this year.

If you have a sewing machine and have never used it before this is the perfect time to figure out that contraption! If you have a sewing machine and are a pro, this should be a fun project!

There is no surprise that there is a shortage in face masks available for public use and we can help fill this need from the comfort of our own home. I found this awesome tutorial video below you can watch to learn how to make these sewn face masks without the use of elastic bands - you can use ribbon or other pieces of scrap fabric to create the straps. Below you will find an easy to follow PDF link with step by step instructions and also the video link to follow along.

If you need material please contact me and I can help facilitate a way to obtain some. Donations can be made to the CCE office for distribution, to the hospital or to other organizations of your choice. Please let me know who is joining in on this effort & once again, thank you for making a difference in our community!

Free PDF link:

Video tutorial link:

April 14th: 

Dairy Virtual Farm Tours:

April 13th: 

4-H at Home provides educational activities for kids and teens while they're home from school during COVID-19.

April 7th:

4-H At Home

Each week, 4‑H will be sharing four at-home learning resources from 4‑H programs across the country. Visit the links to learn more about the activity and check back every Monday for new ideas.

Arts & Crafts

June 19th: 

Paper Marbling: 


Link to video:

May 14th:

Ideas & Fun*F has some cute art projects you can eat! 

April 28th: 

32 DIY Paper Toys and Games for the Whole Family


Link to video:

April 20th:

Paper Butterfly Hand Puppet Craft Template


Link to video:

April 8th: 

Make Your Own Lava Lamp:


Written instructions:

Link to video:

Handprint Hugs:


Link to the video:

April 6th: 

50 Amazing Paper Plate Crafts:

April 3rd: 

DIY Suncatcher:


Link to video:

Webpage instructions:

Animal Science

April 28th:

Animal Science Lesson plans

April 6th:

Stock Show Classroom is an online animal educational resource taught by experts in the industry to help take your project to the next level, step by step!

March 26th: 

University of Idaho has a great page filled with projects. Find Animal Science as its own tab.

March 20th: 

Michigan State University has a great page filled with animal science activities. 

Link to activities:

Audio Programming

April 7th: 

Audio Book Cloud features countless audio-books that you can listen to for free.

Science Friday has both podcasts and articles geared toward teens and focusing on the latest discoveries.

April 2nd:

Podcasts: Kids & Family NPR

March 24th: 

Tumble Science Podcasts for Kids

Brains on! (Produced by Minnesota Public Radio and co-hosted by a kid)

Computer Science

April 13th: offers free courses that walk children 9-18 through how to code using games and activities.


April 7th: 

Tumble Book Library offers free e-books for kids. From read-alongs to puzzles and quizzes this site has it all.

Tumble Math offers readings and games that build skills in various concentrations of math.

Teen Book Cloud offers e-books for 7th-12th graders.



April 22nd: (Chelsea)

Did you know today is EARTH DAY?! & not only is it earth day, it happens to be 50 years since Senator Gaylord Nelson declared April 22nd as 'Earth Day' in an effort to protect our environment. This act eventually led congress to establish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

2020 could be the year that we stop taking earth for granted and YOU can help! Even though our earth day celebrations may look a little different this year, there are still ways that you can give back. Once the snow melts and our ground begins to open up plant some trees, clean up garbage in your local parks or playgrounds, or try to reduce the amount of energy we waste by conserving water by turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth. Every little bit helps! Check out the EPA's website to learn a little more about the origins of Earth Day and to find ways you can contribute!

Other earth day resources:


Due to the amount of videos, an exercise archive has been set up. Moving older videos off the page makes it load faster, and warrants a better user experience. Thank you for understanding.

Exercise Video Archive:


Food Science

April 29th:

Play with Your Food:


Link to video:

April 13th: 

Kids Make: Homemade Pasta


Link to video:

America's Test Kitchen has free weekly recipes with learning activities for the kids to follow along with.


April 22nd:

The Garden Party starting Kits are being mailed out this week! The Clinton County Youth Bureau created a video about how to get started planting seeds indoors. This video will go over how to read seed packets, create planters from common items you can find around you home and how to take care of your seedlings one they start to grow. Extra information is posted below for your use. Happy Earth Day from everyone at the Clinton County Youth Bureau!

Seed Starting Video:




April 14th: 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the “JUST PLANT IT, NY!” campaign is making free and available to the public resources from the CCE Master Gardener Volunteer program and Cornell Garden-Based Learning program for new vegetable gardeners, with time and access to seeds, soil and a few low-budget tools!

Do you have a college student home from school that needs something to do, or a school aged child going stir crazy? Put their energy and yours into starting a garden for physical, mental and environmental health with the following resources, and know we are growing through this together!

April 13th: 

Gardening on a Rainy Day

April 9th:

Junior Master Gardener virtual Group Meets: 

Learn Grow Eat & Go, grows good kids through an interdisciplinary program combining academic achievement, gardening, nutrient-dense food experiences, physical activity, and school & family engagement. For more information please visit the link below.


March 19th 

Mindfulness Schools is offering free live mindfulness classes for kids K-5. Class will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 1 pm ET. You must sign up to join. For more information or to join today's class, please go to the link below.

How to/Do it Yourself Videos

April 14th:

Iowa State University is extending knowledge to you. They have a variety of how to videos offering "Do it yourself" advice. They cover all sorts of topics relating to your life and give you quick, step by step, education to get the job done. Subscribe to UKNOW and start experiencing the quality, research based - university education - that can be used in your daily life.


April 9th: 

The Metropolitan Opera is offering free nightly opera streaming from April 6th-12th


March 24th: 

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology K-12 program have organized a Facebook group – Science and Nature for Cooped Up Kids - to share ideas for activities youth can do outside and in nature. In addition to the resources group members share, the Lab of O team will be sharing a new list of activities each Friday. 

Link to Facebook group:

Online Resources for Families:

March 25th:

Action For Healthy Kids has many resources compiled into one easy to use page. Find everything from physical activities/food access & nutrition to resources for making the transition to online learning.



Link to video:


May 27th: 

SpaceFest: Scientist at Home with Ruth Angus: May 27th @ 11 am

May 26th: 

NASA Live Stream Events:

April 28th:

11 Engaging STEM Activities for Kids that Will Foster Curiosity

April 13th: 

Intelligent Eggs: Buoyancy Activity

March 31st: 

Rainy Clouds Experiment

Virtual Field Trips/Resources

June 3rd: 

Animal Live Cameras:

May 8th: 

The American Museum of Natural History is hosting a live Watch party today, Friday May 8th at 1:30 – Field Trip to Mars.

April 9th: 

Monterey Bay Aquarium : Live Cameras

April 7th: 

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Blarney Castle

Virtual School Activities has an extensive list of resources to check out.

April 2nd:

Georgia Aquarium:

March 18th: This wonderfully crafted Google Doc features over 30 virtual field trips! 

Link to virtual field trips:


April 15th: Spring Time Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Video:

Chris Wiley, Project Coordinator for the Clinton County Youth Bureau goes in search of spring! 


April 14th: Hiking Tips



April 6th: Pinecone Hunt

Pinecone Hunt Video:

Chris Wiley, Project Coordinator for the Clinton County Youth Bureau goes on a pinecone hunt! Learn about different types of trees and their cones. Afterwards take some of the cones you found and create a bird feeder with them!


Learn how to tie various fishing knots

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